'it was lovely to see someone who took time to listen to me and offer me help and advice'. (AW)

'thank you for taking care of me before, during and after my hysterectomy. I really appreciate all that you have done.' (FS)

'I cannot thank you and your brilliant team enough for your assistance. The experience was much better than I expected'. (RM)

'I am continuing to make a good recovery from my surgery. After the operation I experienced little or no pain. I would certainly recommend this type of operation to anyone who is a suitable candidate. (DL)

'What a fascinating talk (Robotic gynaecologists)! I was left feeling awe-struck at your surgical skills and also with the sense that I had glimpsed the future'. (MH – General Practitioner)

'I would like to thank you for looking after my patients so well, both privately and on the NHS, and I really appreciate your efforts.
(OG – General Practitioner)